What is online Education ? How does it works ?

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Education plays the most important role in the life of people . As the technology is developing ,
everything is getting modernize . Even education is also not let untouched by it . In today’s world
we got the facility of online education . We don’t have to attend the particular offline classes to
understand the lectures . It has been a very successful physical contactless way of learning the
desired course . We can get learned by the teachers which are not available in our city.

We can get admission in courses which are not available near us . Online studies brought a huge
evolution in Education system of the world . It became hugely popular in the time of Covid 19.

A person can study by sitting at his home with the help of laptops , mobile phones and internet . As the internet is
widely used and it is available in nearly everywhere . Even universities conducted online mode
classes back in the pandemic . Online classes are available for nearly everything . Whether it is
cooking , singing , dancing or anything else. It gave an ease to learn the stuffs which were hard
to learn . A woman with her kids can enroll in anything which she is interested in learning and can
attend her classes from home . Students do not have to move to big cities away from their home . We can
learn multiple things and can take multiple courses as we do not have to waste the time in going
to their individual classes . We can even study from someone who lives far away . We can get
the foreign education . We can have degrees from online basis . It can save the expenses done on transportation .
It also improves the attendance as classes can be taken from home without any excuses . It
creates the perfect learning environment as people have their own ways to learn. Some learns
solo , some with audio and video and by other methods.

Online education proved to be a big revolution in history of education .

Online education is very flexible as we can attend the classes by sitting at our home . We can
get our education without caring about geographical or political boundaries . Online degrees
sometimes coast lower than that of physical classes . Online education helped kids in coming
out of their hazitation as they can ask questions and doubts freely . It allows the education to reach out to more
masses . Online lectures can be recorded , archived or can be shared for future study.
Despite having numerous amount of advantages , online education has it’s own disadvantages
too . It can create sense of isolation . Online education requires self discipline which is very hard
to get . Being online results in increase of screen time which is harmful for eyes and skin . It also
causes the decrease in communication skills of students . Misuse of internet is also seen in many
cases . There is large chances of students to get distracted by other social media apps . Also the exams which are conducted online are not much more strict and valuable as students use other search engines to get the answers. Another issue is of network . Even in today’s time , not every part of India is in contact with internet which pulls back the students living there in their studies.

The future of online education is secure as most of the students prefer online education . In this busy life , everyone wants to save their time and online education can do it’s best when it comes to give flexibility. With the developed software, hardware and fast speedy internet, the online education will become more popular . Online degree programs will become widely used and common .

Some of the most popular online courses are Business, Marketing, Technology, Programming, Blockchain and crypto, Trading, Video production, Graphic design etc.

People are learning foreign languages from the native speakers of that country by the means of online classes .

Principles of Good teaching and learning from Online classes:-

  • Encouragemnt in the student and faculty contact.
  • To encourage student’s cooperation with teacher.
  • To encourage active learning.
  • To give prompt feedback and emphasize the given task on a certain declared time.
  • Teachers should respect the different ways of learning of techers.

Online studies has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but it can not be denied that the online education brought a huge revolution in studies. When the pandemic broke down, one of the big problems is study. The time was getting wasted as offline classes were not getting conducted and everything w as closed . That was the time when online education came into power . It became the boon for students as the can have the contactless classses and can complete their education.

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