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Life insurance

This kind of insurance helps the family members of the policy holder after his death. If the policy holder is the only source of bread and butter for the family i.e. the only earning member then his sudden death can put the family in a extreme unfavorable situation thus life insurance policy will aid the family in such situation and will provide financial support to the family. Such policies also help the family to assist the repayment of loans if taken and also the education of the children after the earner is no more. Thus this insurance takes care of your family even you are not around to look after them.

Property insurance

This insurance provides safety to the property. Property insurance shields the property from various events like theft, fire, wind, hail, earthquake or any other damage causing agents under certain terms and conditions. This is given by providing replacement cost which covers the repair cost of the property or the actual cost deducting the depreciation. This kind of insurance helps the property owner to distribute the losses and risk so that the burden does not come on the shoulder of any one party.

Health insurance

Health is one of the most precious gifts. Sudden illness can cause a physical damage and can cause financial instability if we are not secured with any kind of insurance. Health insurance helps us to cope with the sudden illness in terms of financial terms. It protects us from unexpected and high medical expenditures. It provides us with cost involved in hospitalization, medicines and several other medical costs in case of illness and in accidental emergencies.

Travel insurance

Such insurance policies help to cover the losses incurred during travelling. This loses may be in the form of luggage lost , flight delay , flight or trip cancellations, accidental deaths or injuries , medical coverage during the trip, etc. and this are applicable to international as well as domestic travels. Travel insurance also covers permanent accidental disability, hijack, emergency evacuation, bounced bookings. The domestic as well as international trip planned can be made easy and safe with such kind of insurance. This will help the traveler to bear any unforeseen losses during the trip and this helps easy and safe peace full journey.

Business insurance

Such policies cover the losses and damages that may be caused while operating a business. Business property damages, any legal battles being fought, or any other business related risks. From a manufacturing unit to a farmer cultivating crops in form of crop insurance, all the businesses are insured giving a sense of security to the owner. Any loss to the business like fire, theft, property damage can be insured making sure that the business can recover from it quickly and can run smoothly without much delay and disturbances.

Motor Vehicle insurance

Such policies cover the road transport vehicles from theft or damage or any other legal claims due to accidents. This secures the vehicle from the damages done due to collision to another vehicle or to any other stationary object, theft of the vehicle. This covers the vehicle that is personal owned by an individual to a vehicle that is used for commercial purposes.

Gadget insurance

Such type of insurance plan helps to protect all the gadgets we use in our day to day life like mobile phones, laptops, computers, digital cameras, etc. Damage to such units may be due to theft, water/fuild spill on them, accidental damages, burglary, fire damages. Such electronic items are brittle and can destruct easily when not handled carefully. Insuring such devices help us to manage them freely without much stress. And any damage to them is not going to affect our pocket immensely as the company insuring it will help us to bear the loss

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