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Insurance companies do play an important role in our lives. They provide protection to us against many accidents. But, the question arises whether insurance company is crystal clear about its transaction of business. The answer perhaps to this burning question will be negative. In this article, you are going to know seven important things, which Indian insurance companies will not divulge to you.

How to get back your money which you deserve after your accident

The Indian insurance companies will not divulge to you that even their own research is a testimony to the fact that people, who represented by attorneys finish up with about three and one half times more money in comparison to those people who, try to have settlement with the insurance company on their own.

A research organization, the Insurance Research Council funded by the insurance companies did a thorough study making comparison what people got for the same injury when they were put forth by attorneys versus what people got when they were not put forth by an attorney.

Major injury not needed to get a money settlement

In case, you get seriously injured with an accident and claim to the insurance company for money settlement, then insurance company will carry out investigation into it. Although you may be seriously injured, but this insurance company will intentionally prove that you received a minor injury and you are not worthy for money settlement. Because of this it is very cumbersome to speak directly with insurance adjuster rather than having an attorney to do it for you.

One who gets the ticket hardly determines fault

The insurance company will not tell you up front that the other driver, who got a ticket, is inadmissible to court in order to prove whose fault was in the accident. It means that it is pertinent that an early investigation should be done in your case including statements from photographs, witnesses of accident scenes and photographs of vehicle damage, so that it can be proved that you were not at fault in any way and there was hardly anything which you could do to save yourself from being hit.

The insurance company will generally not bring this up in the beginning and make you believe that each and every thing will be cared when it is a matter of finalization of the case, you will hear for the first time that insurance company considers that you were partially at fault for the accident and this will be used to deny your settlement.

The insurance company will pressurize you to sign papers to give your rights

If you do not have an attorney, who represents you, then the insurance company will pressurize you to sign documents with no explanation of the consequences of such documents. They will only ask you to sign an authorization for the insurance company to contact your doctor.

The medical information about your treatment and injuries should not be provided to the insurance company unless and until you know what records they are getting. You must know what is in the records, you must try to confirm the accuracy of what lies in the records and it relates to this accident.

It is pertinent to pay visit to a doctor and for this you need not pay for it

Another secret, which almost all insurance companies, mentioned on this site, will fail to tell you, is that if you are not paying a visit to a doctor after an accident, then the insurance company will not say anything at first sight since they feel reluctant to pay you for paying visit to a doctor. The insurance company will also fail to tell you that if you are represented by an attorney, they you can perhaps get a medical treatment with paying any money from your pocket.

A final rating report from a qualified doctor

The insurance company will fail to tell you that you will not get full compensation for your wounds or injuries unless and until a qualified doctor complete a written final evaluation report as well as rating for your injury. The written report answers many legal question regarding your treatment and injury. All doctors do not have willingness to do such reports as well as ratings and some of the doctors do not even know how to do such ratings and reports.

Getting things which you deserve for your damaged vehicle such as total losses, repairs and rentals

About payment for your car, the insurance company will suggest you to take the car to a certain shop which they like to use. You have the right to get your car repaired at any place where you want. The other thing regarding property damage, which the insurance company refuses to explain to you is that when a car is repaired, the insurance company should pay for the extra damage.

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